About Me

Heyy there creeper! 

So my names Becky! ;P I live in England-north yorkshire! 

I love music, its one of my most loved things.The emotions that can be stated through the music is amazing, The way you can make a song sound happy or sad depending on the tonality of the voice or tune. 

I play piano, and i love it! I may not be that good at it, but it really takes you into another world when you play, you forget everything and your in another world :’)

I’ve always wanted to become a composer, as impossible as that is, im starting to compose my own piano music, I will hopefully always play piano, obviously not as a job, as im not near good enough, but just a a outside of work hobby :)

I cant actually read piano music, so I learn music mostly by ear- this is how I have problems writing my composition down (GCSE music at school) so I have to use some weird computer thing, (that I play to and it records my piece of music down) its incredibly annoying not being able to! But im determined to learn how to read piano music ;P

And my boyfriend. How i got someone like him ill never know! Hes the sweetest, most gorgeous, perfect guy i thought couldnt ever exist! To feel so comftable with someone, and be able to talk about anything is wonderful! :) To be called beautiful and know hes actually meaning it, well his eyes must be a bit dodged up haha! :) :) When i told him i always wanted to go see shinee he said to me he would save up to buy me a ticket if they came to England or he would take me when were old enough to see them in another country :) Takes some guy to accept someone as weird and crazy as me! all i can say now is I love him. :) <3

Right soppiness over!

My doggie!

hehe this is Flossy! Shes a 3/4 border terrier 1/4 lakeland! and shes very cute! I use to do dog agility with her :) was funnnn! 

This is my pony Suzie Q! Shes 14hh and the best pony ever! But im too tall for her now so i don’t really ride her anymore :( Luckily my mothers like a dwarf so she can ride her! That was me and suzie about 3 years ago at my first competition on her :) hehe Never forget that! Love that pony :)

ooooo I love anime/manga!

Fruits basket especially—ahh Kyo sohma! hehe

Ouran high school host club—Tamaki!

Bleach—Ichigo, rengi, urahara!

and loadsss more!

Hmmm back to the music

Excluding all k-pop as that’s on my other link on my blog, i have loadsss of music and bands i love! A few of my favourite are-

  • Lostprophets
  • Paramore
  • Arctic monkeys
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Jason Mraz
  • Maroon 5
  • The kooks
  • Michael Jackson
  • Muse
  • Paolo Nutini
  • Taylor swift
  • There for tomorrow
  • 3 doors down
  • 30 seconds to Mars

and im pretty sure ive just missed out about 100! But hey, thats my very widley ranged musc taste! haha

I am so lost as to what to put down about myself, if you have any ideas, just ask me a question and i will write about what you asked me in here! ;P

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